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Kirby Urner: USA (1776–1983)

Michael Ruiz: Curious why 83 , I’d have gone with 1776–1971

Kirby Urner:

Michael Ruiz the 1983 has to do with what’s been going on in American literature. Check my Grunch dot net. http not https. Some browsers fuss. One page. Not a long rant. Pithy.

For those who didn’t click, 1983 is when USA Medal of Freedom winner R. B. Fuller declared “the USA we have known is now bankrupt and extinct” i.e. going forward it was the creature of supranationals, a front behind which the corporations could conduct their wars with mercenary troops paid for by taxpayers and debt paper. If you don’t want to blame the US for invading Iraq, you don’t have to, just buy into this fork in the historical narrative (as I do, why not, seems as realistic as the mainstream ones).

Fuller’s transformation from flagship futurist and cold warrior, to leading subversive (“more subversive of the property and profit values of the capitalist system than anything dreamed of since Karl Marx” it says on the dust jacket) may account for the subsequent marginalizing campaign (Wall Street Journal, PBS, WIRED…) portraying him as more of a kooky crackpot and attention-seeking failure.

Certainly his dirt simple approach to teaching polyhedrons and spatial geometry more generally, suitable for sixth graders and above, has never gained much traction in the corporate (er so-called “US” public) schools.

In Fuller’s narrative, the demise of the US (he cites the Constitution as not being just for the rich) is the beginning of the end for the nation state system more generally.

Again, the way the supranationals bomb pretty much anywhere they imagine they might gain an advantage is more proof we no longer abide by antiquated notions of sovereignty e.g. the Kellogg-Briand Treaty (just thought I’d throw that in — not mentioned in Fuller’s Grunch of Giants).


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