AI to Humans: Watch Your Tongue!

Kirby Urner
1 min readJun 16

What PR genius decided what the AIs do is “hallucinate” when they generate random, sometimes plausible sounding, fluff?

If AIs can hallucinate, then they can certainly compete in other psychological dimensions. Nice sleight of hand!

Just bypass the whole debate.

Now they dream stuff up, so they’re dreamers now eh?

Pretty soon you’ll be hurting their feelings if you think “hallucinate” was maybe the wrong word for it. The dreamers will call you out for hate speech and repossess your tiny house.

Is this the revenge of those hollow corporate personhoods? We’ve dared question their humanity for so long, and now they’re ready to fight back.

The lawyers have stuffed their idea of the living dead (corporate persons) down our throats (“voodoo economics” it’s called, the science of the soulless) and now plan to wake them up for real, over our objections.

Because they rule when “AI” turns “AG” (attorney general). Not us.