Afterthoughts in the Wake of Nations

Kirby Urner
3 min readNov 28, 2021
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Reason number two for fear-wrought panic is because all of the 150 nations of our planet are about to be desovereignized by evolution; that is,- they are about to become operatively obsolete — about to be given up altogether. There are millions in the U.S.A., for instance, who on discovery that their government was about to become bankrupt and defunct would become activist “patriots,” and might get out their guns and start a Nazi movement, seeking dictatorially to reinstate the “good old days.” If people in many of the 150 nations succeeded in re-establishing their sovereignties and all the customs-barrier, balance-of-trade shacklings, it would soon be discovered that the 150 nations represent 150 “blood clots” imperiling the free inter- flowing of the evolution-producing metals and products recirculation as well as of the popular technical know-how disseminating.
— R. Buckminster Fuller in Critical Path

Since the “desovereignization” of the 1980s and our entry into the Grunch Consolidation Period, as I call it, I’ve been watching what I call the “thinning blood” of the “blot clot” danger, what with the further dilution of national sovereignty (as a concept) with all manner of competing supranational organization, including the “virtual nations” and “diaspora nations” (some cyber).

Bucky is pointing out how world religions have learned to become supranational, and corporations (some of ‘em). My high school English teacher’s husband in the Philippines, said he felt more a citizen of Nestles (where he worked) than of the RP (one of the many sovereignties).

I’m a big fan of the UN and at one time our family traveled on UN passports (first gig in the Philippines). Our friends in Rome were with FAO, a lot of ’em. I always had friendly feelings and have a UN flag hanging in the window behind me (even more necessary as a curtain now that the walnut tree is gone).

Back when we were finding out about how the US was being disrespected, in terms of sovereignty, its innards riddled with corrupting secret teams — shades of L. Fletcher Prouty (a Bucky fan) — selling cocaine to fund Central American “contras” that some were saying was to “defend Texas against an invasion by the UN”, that’s when I realized I would never be able to follow some of these Q-like popular narratives to their illogical…

Kirby Urner