A core echelon, I won’t say upper, is terminally skeptical of idealistic treaties and only signs them to later break them. DC provides a safer harbor than most to white collar criminals (some would call them).

Their impatience with FDR era policies bubbled up during the so-called Business Plot, exposed by Smedley Butler, who had been approached to be the next autocrat. He was too much the patriot and betrayed the conspirators.

However business learns from failure and by the Reagan Era, the coup was complete, with the presidency still intact. We might call it “military socialism” in that the far flung bases, aircraft carriers, jet fleets, and so on belong on paper to “we the people” (the obedient ones, the ones agreeing to die on command, and therefore allowed to play with the tyrant’s toys).

At least one American intellectual (quiz question), turned radical in his old age, termed the USA we have known “bankrupt and extinct” as early as the 1980s, subsequently winning a Medal of Freedom from Reagan-Casey, as they didn’t necessarily disagree with his core thesis. That was during the Cocaine Wars in Central America.

Constitutional democracy is the underdog in this narrative. What Eisenhower warned about, happened (a takeover by lawyer-capitalism aka a certain complex, or mindset).

Corporate persons rule the roost, per Citizens United. Talk about bots!

President Herbert Walker Bush called it Voodoo Economics meaning the rulers (supranational corporations) were quite literally soulless. Yet they still get compliant taxpayers to underwrite their highly profitable great tragedy scenarios. Since they own the TV, it’s pretty easy to scare taxpayers silly. Isn’t that how tyrants rule, through fear?

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