Perhaps you’ve heard me share this reasoning already:

Economists almost universally decry monopoly as a recipe for inefficiency and as discouraging of innovation. By this reasoning, should not Economics, the discipline itself, have at least one competitor? Enter GST (general systems theory).

That GST would compete with Economics is innovation…

beautiful ball python

[ originally developed on invitation, for the Citizendium Wiki, to get the the ball rolling on a more up to date Python article ]

the cybernetics of charity

The Coffee Shops Network was influenced by the “slow reading” movement, a preview of what we might later find in Zoom world: a covid catalyzed set of partially overlapping meetups, taking their time with such books as The Design Way (52 Thinking Ideas) or with Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

[adapted from a TrimTab Book Club posting ]

On the topic of his collaborations, I’d say he wanted to be accepted as a collaborator in specialist circles, but these were compelled to view him as an outsider and polarized to repulse his advances.

I’m thinking of the virus story in…, Nov 1996

Only somewhat apropos, continuing in an autobiographical vein, as BFI’s first webmaster, I can take us back to the days of hand-coded pages, formatted using <table></table>, and with no cell phone responsive formatting. I don’t even remember if I even used CSS, but would show us. …

Opportunity Cost

From the 1980s Until Now

The first paper I sent to Bucky was on GST. I know he got lots of papers and on the lecture circuit would sometimes have his assistants go up and down the aisles to collect all the stuff people wanted him to read. …

HexaPent (a Goldberg Polyhedron)

[ from the TrimTab Book Club discussion listserv, edited for Television ]

Sep 17, 2021, 9:50 PM (14 hours ago) Kirby wrote:

Compare these two statements:

1. Buckminster Fuller discovered the geometry of nature (which isn’t to say others haven’t also discovered it).

2. Buckminster Fuller helped popularize the geometry…

Investments, etymologically the clothes you put on, typically “belong” to some investor, an entity with the power to confer ownership.

This conferring of ownership, often for a price, requires a strong sense of ownership in the first place, which is where the ability to investment comes in.

If a service…

In quoting Emerson, about poetry saying “more with less” the latter day New England Transcendentalist, Buckminster Fuller (great nephew of Margaret Fuller, Dial editor and international correspondent) circles what we might call the “child’s eye view”; less cluelessly naive, or uninformed, than penetrating, to the point.

Children see through a…

One could take a title like that in a number of directions. OS = Operating System, if you didn’t know.

What this essay is about is: “time management” and the realization that pondering your own time management problems, and those of an operating system, is a way to develop a…

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