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You’re likely thinking, given the title, that you’re in for some science fiction, and I’d say you’re right. However the fiction component, relative to the science component, will be low.

“Computer” is a concept, one of “putting together” (“com put”), and so stands opposite “taking apart”. One puts two and two together to solve a problem. Computation is a means to an end.

As We May Think, by Dr. Vannevar Bush, anticipated search engines in 1945. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, by Buckminster Fuller, anticipated spatial data management in 1981.

Neither was working from scratch. The MEMEX drew on existing principles, whereas the Romans already practiced the memetic arts, not just to store knowledge, but to make it, by alchemical means, into new wealth. …

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from 4D Solutions HQS

The dark underbelly of elections… my party line is if Americans were sincere about wanting high quality voting technology, they’d learn to vote often in high school, for Miss Geometry or whatever, using open architecture machines with open source crypto, the same ones used in public.

Could be there’s a smartphone API, as time goes on. Of course there is, for all those government issue phones (GI phones), stocked with government issue apps for working with government bureaucracies.

Try to hack the school machines, rig the election. …

I didn’t realize to what extent Ayn laid the foundation for our elite professional mercenary system. On Johnny Carson:

argues against involuntary military service

I haven’t seen enough text connecting Objectivism to Egoism. In my experience even the college educated usually have no background in Egoism ala Max Stirner. Advanced stuff is for autodidacts only.

My channel has been exploring Emersonian Individualism, which even mainstream mediocre texts accept as intrinsic to the American conception of Democracy.

So how shall we relate Individualism to Ayn Rand’s type of thing? Not saying I have the answers. Check back with me later.


A focus on an atomic self with individual rights and privileges at the individual human level, is not the same as a focus on Pharaoh with a cast of extras. …

Fee Fie Foe Fum…

Looking for Synergetics on the Web? You have come to the right place.

About Grunch

The word Grunch traces to a satirical narrative published in 1983 and entitled Grunch of Giants (St. Martin’s Press) by its author-inventor, and Medal of Freedom winner, R. Buckminster Fuller (Bucky).

Therein he declares “the U.S.A. …

“Greetings Friends.” That’s how I’ll start on my Youtube, many a time, as I leave behind me a wake of bubbles. Blowing bubbles. HP4E.

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Hexapent (HP4E: hexapents for everyone)

We’ve been galloping through a lot of Americana recently, starting with Orson Welles, a lynchpin in our story, a hub, a grand central. His civil rights activism — extending into widening the scope of “the common man” via cinema — and his scaring us to death that Halloween in 1938, with his dramatic interpretation of War of the Worlds, by a different Wells.

Hollywood became a mecca for acting troupes, already accomplished, endowed with skills. Orson was recruited from New York on the basis of having already made a splash with Voodoo Macbeth (as many called it) starting in 1936, with an all black cast, well rehearsed, from Harlem. …

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Pirate Party Planks:

* copyleft > copyright
* ethnicities are not races
* Gov’t runs some businesses to showcase its values
* special public schools focus on training for work in govt
* some pubic schools are residential, some are same sex
* Tulsi Gabbard’s reprimand of Trump > impeachment verbiage
* Russia is not an enemy
* China either
* protect electoral infrastructure
* until elections are more trusted, no party has a mandate

Pirate Party USA: no candidates, only planks, feel free to steal

Regarding “ethnicities are not races”:

I can easily imagine a time when inquiries about a person’s race are considered a reflection of one’s dated thinking style, ergo crude to the point of…

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inflatable planetarium

Frances A. Yates fans will remember in her The Art of Memory how the goal of an Hermetic education was to consciously construct one’s model of Reality. Either construct your own, or have one constructed for you.

The notion that one “constructs one’s own reality” later only became a debate in connection with Piaget and his portrayal of stages in knowledge acquisition and behavioral repertoire. His “constructivism” became controversial and polarizing, portending later storms that would cross the Educational Plain (a teenage wasteland for the most part), wreaking havoc.

If you could furnish your home office as a planetarium, now wouldn’t that be grand, but then how would it work? …

Stuck at home, missing school? Why not sample a futuristic curriculum, free and open source?

The School of Tomorrow is named, somewhat tongue in cheek, for the House of Tomorrow, a movie and book about a teenager being raised by his grandma to be the next Buckminster Fuller. They live in a dome (of course). So what would the curriculum look like? Local futurist Kirby Urner thinks he has some answers.

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“I like using retro futurism, science fiction from the past, to get us thinking about our own future” says Urner. “I’m a big fan of the Youtube channel Defunctland, because it reminds us that, even though big dreams don’t always pan out — such as Disney’s America — we still need to dream big.” …

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Lattice Gallery

In the months leading up to the outbreak, through the transition to schools closing, I had some duties in a Hillsdale middle school.

In my coordinate system, there’s a “Hillsdale” nestled in some nearby hills, a small dale, so aptly named. Quakers have a worship group in there somewhere, however my work was with a private company with permission to work in public schools. We also have a Hillsboro, somewhat further away from my current 97214 zip code.

My duty this time was to serve as co-teacher, a format I favor. With two experts in the room, students have the benefit of their peer-to-peer banter. …

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from online computer camp (Camp Mighty Moose)

The office environment gets lots of focus in the literature, but not so much the study environment.

Whereas “more study” is the work we most need people to do in many cases, so many remain fixated on “being done with school” so they can have “real jobs” that don’t require onerous study, like school does.

But then of course many jobs do require hours of study and practice each day, so I’m not suggesting people don’t study on the job. …


Kirby Urner

Lots online.

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