Perhaps you’ve heard me share this reasoning already:

Economists almost universally decry monopoly as a recipe for inefficiency and as discouraging of innovation. By this reasoning, should not Economics, the discipline itself, have at least one competitor? Enter GST (general systems theory).

That GST would compete with Economics is innovation…

On Sun, 1 at 3:28 PM kirby urner wrote:

Since the “desovereignization” of the 1980s and our entry into the Grunch Consolidation Period, as I call it, I’ve been watching what I call the “thinning blood” of the “blot clot” danger, what with the further dilution of national sovereignty (as…

Eden Project Photo Op

Reason number two for fear-wrought panic is because all of the 150 nations of our planet are about to be desovereignized by evolution; that is,- they are about to become operatively obsolete — about to be given up altogether. There are millions in the U.S.A., for instance, who on discovery…

urbit landscape running on localhost

From an email to friends:

And now for something completely different. A short brain dump on the Urbit project:

The best way to grow a new internet is from the inside out, having Urbit planets as VMs tucked inside *nix OSes such as Mac (and Linux of course), maybe Windows…

university work-study rig

I’ve been writing a spate of blog posts recently, keying off the Trucker Exchange Program (TEP) as a one of the pier pylons.

This support column disappears into the murky depths and seems to be stable, meaning no one can dislodge the claim that it’s happening already, to some extent.

the cybernetics of charity

The Coffee Shops Network was influenced by the “slow reading” movement, a preview of what we might later find in Zoom world: a covid catalyzed set of partially overlapping meetups, taking their time with such books as The Design Way (52 Thinking Ideas) or with Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

[adapted from a TrimTab Book Club posting ]

On the topic of his collaborations, I’d say he wanted to be accepted as a collaborator in specialist circles, but these were compelled to view him as an outsider and polarized to repulse his advances.

I’m thinking of the virus story in…

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